Watercolor Birthday Card

[Best 30 Ideas] Watercolor Birthday Card on Etsy

In this pandemic time, most people try to be more creative from home. Painting can be one of the option. While painting on canvas probably will be a quite heavy start for those who just start to try. Why don’t we try to make a watercolor birthday card? It’s simpler than painting on canvas, also it’s definitely useful in the future whenever one of your friends, colleagues, or family member celebrate their birthday. Let’s give it a try!


How to make a watercolor birthday card?

First of all, we need a watercolor and a piece of paper. In the market, there are lots of option for which watercolor that you will choose. if you are a beginner, choose those for student, not for a pro. It will save you some money. for the brush, you need to pick those with good quality one since it will influence your works.

Does Watercolour work on card?

Watercolor doesn’t get well on some card and paper. Therefore you need to choose paper based on its quality, texture, and weight. The higher the quality is, the better its result.

What surface is best for watercolor?

Watercolor blends well on rough, cold-pressed and hot-pressed. A glossy surface won’t work for watercolor.

How do I make a birthday message?

There are several option of words that we use as message and depend on who will receive the message and birthday card.

For instance, for friends here is some example:

  • Happy Birthday. Wish you tons of happiness ahead.
  • May your life full with joy and happiness.
  • Wish you a joyous birthday.
  • It’s your special day. Happy birthday my special person.


Hand painted original thank you note for birthday

Watercolor Birthday CardSource: www.etsy.com

Another idea to look up is to create a thank you note with watercolor. You can paint flowers just like in the picture with a thank you word and to make it more personal you can handwriting your personal message. Hand painting will make the receiver feel special, especially when you choose to paint their favorite flower or any other flower that has more personal meaning for them.


A Birthday Card For Kids birthday party

Watercolor Birthday CardSource: www.etsy.com

When your child’s friend celebrate their birthday, you can create a birthday card with animal painting.  Children do love animals. Colorful and eye-catching painting will also bright their special day while seeing and receiving your card. Just like this card, sea animal with bright and blue color is a really great option. You also can try to paint their favorite animal if you know any of those.

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Sweet flowery watercolor birthday card For A Loved One

Watercolor Birthday CardSource: www.etsy.com

Heart is always be a symbol for love. To make it sweeter, you can combine flower and heart as symbol of love for your loved one. You don’t have to wait for their birthday to give this kind of card, daily occasion is also a great option to give this card to show your affection and love. Hand painting card makes it more special.

This card uses white color as its background. It really a great choice. White color reflects the pureness itself and combine with colorful flower to symbolize heart makes this card as a great example. Don’t forget the roses. They also a good symbol of love.

sweet watercolor birthday card for your beautiful daughter

Watercolor Birthday CardSource: www.etsy.com

Flower painting is always a great option for your daughter’s birthday card. Pink, red and pastel color are a great option to use. Or, their favorite color as a background to make them feel special. The aim of hand painting watercolor card is to address their meaning for your life. Personify the card will make them feel even more special. Daughters are your best friend. Let them know that you indeed know them well.

Common and neutral ballons watercolor birthday card

Watercolor Birthday CardSource: www.etsy.com

When you do the paintings, it’s better if you also make a neutral birthday card for the future. Whenever you forget someone’s birthday, you can use these card instantly. It saves time. It also save you from trouble of being too busy to notice that their birthday is coming. They won’t find out if you almost forget their birthday. These cards are a perfect example for neutral option. Even adult will know that balloons are there for birthday party.

Girly and sweet birthday greeting card using watercolor and pen

Watercolor Birthday CardSource: www.etsy.com

Pink, flower,and cake are a great option to create a cheerful and colorful birthday card. Party in the card is what this card symbolize. This is a great option for giving card to one of your cheerful best friend. the one who loves to laugh and cheer up people deserve to have this kind of wonderful card.

Unicorn handpainted watercolor birthday card for a cute one

Watercolor Birthday CardSource: www.etsy.com

This cute little unicorn is also an option for birthday card. To make this kind of card, beside watercolor painting, you also a need a piece of pink lace to make its dress just like that. You can also put some glitter to make it more as a blissful unicorn. Unicorn is indeed special. It already gives the message that they are special.


A Cake with candles watercolor birthday card

Watercolor Birthday CardSource: www.etsy.com

Who can resist this sweet chocolate cake, even on the card. Cake, chocolate and candle are the perfect C for birthday. You can make it more special by putting their name on the this picture. They’ll get to realize that they are special for you.


Another watercolor and handmade card for a thank you note

Watercolor Birthday CardSource: www.etsy.com

Butterfly and purple, what a perfect combination for an elegant thank you note. Your hand writing will make it feels more extraordinary. They’ll know that you make an effort to be greatly thankful. It will warm their heart and also make your message gratefully accepted.

A Birthday Cake watercolor birthday Card for your friends

Watercolor Birthday CardSource: www.etsy.com

In this card, there are lilies, candle and cake. You can design them using pen and then watercolor it. You also can change the flower based on their favorite ones.  This card is using a rough surface paper. It holds the pen ink and watercolor painting fondly without mark on the other side. It’s indeed important to make sure the surface and weight of the card that you are choosing.

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Candles on this simple watercolor birthday card for children

Watercolor Birthday CardSource: www.etsy.com

This card is a very easy option to be made. You can personify the candle based on your children”s friend birthday. No children will ever refuse to blow a candle and this candle is way more ‘magic’. They can try to blow it off but never make it. Instead they will keep it, hopefully keep it close to their heart.

watercolor or printable fishing spot picture as birthday card

Watercolor Birthday CardSource: www.etsy.com

You have a friend who likes fishing? Or they are those whom you spend time go fishing together? This card is a perfect example. You can try to paint your favorite fishing spot as their birthday card. It’s a great way to say that you too enjoy the times you have spent together doing your hobby.


Sweet lovely flowery watercolor birthday card for grandma

Watercolor Birthday CardSource: www.etsy.com

Your grandma’s birthday is coming? Don’t you worry. You can make this special card. It’s easy. sweet and heartfelt. Grandma loves flowers. This sweet little flowers will make her heart bloom in happiness and joyful for having you as her grandchildren. Simple but sweet.

Flowers are always a great option for watercolor birthday card

Watercolor Birthday CardSource: www.etsy.com

There are tons of ideas how to make a flowery watercolor painting birthday card. Roses are always the first option. Making this kind of card, you’ll need a pen and watercolor for sure. You can start to make a rough draft first, so you now how to arrange different sizes of roses. You can keep practice to smooth your technique of blending pen and watercolor painting like that.


An Abstract Watercolor painting birthday card using alcohol ink

Watercolor Birthday CardSource: www.etsy.com

Another option for making your watercolor painting birthday card is by using an alcohol ink. You can put or blend three or two different color in good combination.  After that, you rub or spray alcohol into its surface. The color that you pick needs to be well combined in order to create a beautiful birthday card.


One color is enough to make a beautiful birthday card

Watercolor Birthday CardSource: www.etsy.com

In case you get confuse to blend several color, you can decide to use one of your friends’ favorite color and then paint it on the surface. Then rub your alcohol ink to make card like this.  Try to leave some space for its paper base color to be seen to add more nuances in your birthday card.

Flower and leaves sweet simple watercolor birthday card

Watercolor Birthday CardSource: www.etsy.com

As we all know there are lots of choices on picking which flower that you want to paint. This simple painting is still simply beautiful.  For people who love simplicity and softness, this card is a good option to give.


Printable card would be another option for watercolor birthday card

Watercolor Birthday CardSource: www.etsy.com

If you think that you have no time for painting, or you tried to paint and the result is not quite fulfil your own standard, perhaps you could try to print your birthday card. Try to choose a relatable picture with your card receiver, a picture that close to their heart, or their favorite things and color, are a good option to consider.


Sweet  bicycle and balloons watercolor birthday card

Watercolor Birthday CardSource: www.etsy.com

A bicycle and baloons are great idea for simple birthday card, especially for those who like cycling. It’s sweet, personal and beautiful birthday card. Pastels color make it more beautiful. It’s another option that can not be dismissed

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Just pick one idea as personal watercolor birthday card

Watercolor Birthday CardSource: www.etsy.com

This picture contains several ideas for several people. You can choose different painting for each person based on their personality, their hobbies, their favorite color, their favorite things or their favorite flowers. Pick one which express your feelings, affection and love towards them.

Greeting Card for different occasions from watercolor

Watercolor Birthday CardSource: www.etsy.com

Watercolor painting card is not for birthday card only, but also for several greeting card.  You can make one just like this to cheer your friends up, or to strengthen them during hard times. You can show how much you care for them and how you support them during their hard time for instance.


A beautiful print makes a beautiful birthday card

Watercolor Birthday CardSource: www.etsy.com

This is another option to make a printable birthday card. There are lots of free picture source where you can have this beautiful pattern of picture to be the background.


Another abstract watercolor birthday card for teenager

Watercolor Birthday CardSource: www.etsy.com

Watercolor, glitter and alcohol ink are perfect combination to make an artistic watercolor birthday card. here is the example of how you make it. First put several different watercolor in order or side by side and rub your alcohol vertically then put glitter on the top of it.Voila, you have this artistic watercolor birthday card.

perfect candles and cake watercolor birthday card

Watercolor Birthday CardSource: www.etsy.com

Candles and cakes are always be this great when relating to birthday. Another example of watercolor birthday card that you can paint using watercolor and pen.


Natural color for watercolor birthday card for your husband

Watercolor Birthday CardSource: www.etsy.com

You have no idea how to make a watercolor birthday card for your husband? Just look at this card. You already have an idea how to make that kind of card based on your husband’s personality.  Paper with natural color like this is indeed a great option. Just put the number and give it a glittery touch. Don’t forget your handwriting!


full color surprised card as watercolor birthday card

Watercolor Birthday CardSource: www.etsy.com

This card use every surface of it and covered it up with colors, cake in the center with all candles. Perfect combination.


Watercolor birthday invitation card packages for special birthday

Watercolor Birthday CardSource: www.etsy.com

Now, let’s talk about invitation card.  This item needs to  be bold an eye-catching so it will make those who receive it remember the date. A colorful invitation like this, is a perfect choice. You can pick the color based on your birthday theme or your favorite color. Simple and fabulous invitation card.

Printable is always another option for a sweet birthday card

Watercolor Birthday CardSource: www.etsy.com

Here is another option for printable birthday card. Ilama and flower for the animal lover one. If your friend is one of the animal lover person, this card is a perfect one for them. You can put their favorite animal or their pet’s picture if you have one.


Ink Blot style as watercolor birthday card

Watercolor Birthday CardSource: www.etsy.com

Watercolor and alcohol ink will give you lots of ideas and different result. Just test and try the color combination then you rub with alcohol softly and you get different pattern of ink blot.


Play with color birthday card using watercolor

Watercolor Birthday CardSource: www.etsy.com

This watercolor birthday card is another idea of how you can play with color and put them in the right-not-so-right spot can be this beautiful.

Making watercolor birthday card can be a great option of useful activity during this pandemic time. It’ can help you reduce some stress, excellence your painting skill and for sure you will have enough stock of  watercolor birthday and greeting card. It’s a fun learning, too. Good luck!

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