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[30 Stunning Design] Running Birthday Card Ideas

Most people who love sport but dislike body builder kind of sport will choose running as their sport. Therefore, through this writing, you will find 30 stunning design that will give you awesome running birthday card ideas. Let’s start!


When should I send a card?

You can send this stunning card for these following event:

  • Their birthday.
  • Their winning celebration.
  • As a thank you note.
  • And other special occasion in their lives.

What every runner needs?

Other than running equipment, every runner needs a support from their closet circle, especially when they will compete in running championships or competition. So giving them a stunning running greeting card will be perfect.

What is a good gift for a runner?

You can give your runner friend these following ideas as a gift.

  • I-pod.
  • Stopwatch.
  • Running shoes.
  • Workout clothes.
  • Stance socks.
  • Headbands.
  • Water bottle.
  • Running jacket.
  • Gift card to one of sport store.

How do you appreciate a runner?

You can write down these encourage words in your running birthday card:

  • You are born to be an awesome runner.
  • You are born to do this. Keep on you good run!
  • You make running seems so easy.

Running birthday card ideas: cool card for cool female runner.

make you a cool happy birthday card for a male or femaleSource:

This card is a stunning idea for your friend who is a runner. This cool words will brighten her smile. You can check out for more ideas through the same website.


Running birthday card ideas: Crazy runner birthday card.

birthday card for runner crazy runners zazzleSource:

Here is one of the example for running birthday card from zazzle. You can check this out and send this to your friend who crazily in love with running. For another ideas, check out on the website.

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Running Birthday card ideas: Personalized card for male jogger

personalised male runner card birthday jogger card male etsySource:

This personalized runner card will make your jogger friend feel appreciated. You can send this card on their birthday, or some special occasion in their life or their running career and events. You can check out more through etsy.


Running Birthday Card Ideas: A card for your personal trainer

to personal trainer running exercise reindeer christmasSource:

Your personal trainer will celebrate their birthday? This card is an excellent choice. A runner reindeer that spread joy through its look describes how much fun that you had by having them as your personal trainer.


Running birthday card ideas: coloring birthday card for kids

kids coloring birthday card free printable coloring cardsSource:

We all know that mostly children like to run and this coloring birthday card with this cute dog which is trying to escape, is a perfect choice to give them.


Running birthday card ideas: Runner beans and marathon card

runner beans etsySource:

This cute beans is another option for running birthday or greeting card. You can check another option on Etsy. This is not an ordinary idea for greeting card. You can send it for your friend who has unique style.


Running birthday card ideas: Rushing rabbit for greeting

easter rabbit run happy easter birthday card zazzleSource:

This easter greeting card is a perfect choice to choose.  Rushing running rabbit that brings eggs is too cute to be ignored. You should try to send this for your next easter card. You also can look up on zazzle for another options.


Kid birthday poem from dr. Seuss for special kids

kid birthday poemsSource:

Another ideas for birthday card is this cute dr. Seuss’ quote for birthday kids. They’ll surely like it. It’s easy to read and full of color. What a great choice.


Running birthday card ideas: This is my birthday card

52 weeks of trail madness kris birthday trail runnerSource:

If you are a runner and your birthday is coming, why don’t you give this card to yourself and do the running? A gift for youself is mostly needed to boost our passion for being a trail runner.


Running birthday card ideas: Marathon cards for couple

running cards and marathon cardsSource:

When you and your loved one are both a runner, this card is perfect for their birthday card. Also, both of you can planning to do the running on that special day. There are lots of special ways to celebrate a special day.


Running Birthday Card: Male runner theme card

birthday male runner sport theme card zazzleSource:

This bright and colorful card will remind them to their own fire of passion that burning within. This card is perfect for your favorite runner on their birthday.


Running Birthday card ideas: A kid running with box birthday card

happy boy running with gift box kid celebrating hisSource:

This happy boy running with gift box is suitable for kid who celebrating his birthday. You can send them to your children’s friend. It’s a great option. You can check other option on that website.


Running Birthday Card ideas: female runner illustration

woman running illustration vector free downloadSource:

If you want to make your own personalized birthday card, you can go to freepik and do some free download for your card. This female runner is one of the options that you can use to make a greeting or birthday card for your female runner friends. They’ll gonna like it.

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Running birthday card ideas: Shoes for marathon

marathon runner finish line 3d pop up card goodSource:

This allnicky card looks simple but stunning. A perfect choice for greeting card that you can send to your runner friends, especially if blue is their favorite color. Try it!


Running Birthday card Ideas: Running birthday invitation card

fun run birthday card detailsSource:

You want to celebrate your birthday by having a fun game running time? This card is a good idea of how your invitation should be written.


Running birthday card ideas: Marathon finish line greeting

runners leg marathon finish card 470958Source:

Another picture for greeting or birthday card for a runner. This marathon line picture will encourage them to join and challenge themselves. A perfect card to send to your friend and reminds them to keep on trying marathon.


Running birthday card ideas: Mass runner events

happy birthday to my favorite runner mass race startSource:

You can send this card to one of your runner friend who love to join and participate the mass run race. Encouragement that you give through this card will make them happy.


Running birthday card ideas: Personalized silhouette  words card

runner personalised sportsmanwoman word art uniqueSource:

This card is suitable for your favorite runner, a  personalised words that make this card artistic and unique. You should send it to your runner friends.


Running birthday card Ideas: An unique pair of shoes.

amazon interestprint happy birthday tree womensSource:

This Amazon unique sneakers are a perfect gift for your runner friends. as far as you know their sixe shoes, it will be a great gift. Worth to try.


Running birthday card ideas: Running the world card

designer greetings who run the world woman with pinkSource:

This designer greeting card is suitable for your runner friend who also a stylish female. She does the running for her physical appearance and maintenance her performance.


Running Birthday card ideas: Funny running card

funny birthday card running on wine card zazzleSource:

This funny birthday card which has a female running with wine is a good alternative for your runner friends on their birthday party. That yellow color makes the card more brighter. You can check another option on this website.


Running Birthday Ideas: Birthday card for your runner son

fantastic colourful cross country runner for you sonSource:

This fantastic colorful cross country runner card is a perfect choice  for you son who is a runner. You can also send him a pair of new running shoes along with this card. It will mean a lot for him.


Running card ideas: Running marathon encouragement card

good luck running in the marathon card 1369762Source:

Send this card whenever your best friend wants to participate and do the marathon running. You’ll show your full support and encourage them to do their best while doing marathon.


Running greeting card Ideas: A humourous card

marathon humourSource:

This marathon humor card is perfect to send it to your closest friends. You can check its website to get another marathon humor. We all need a good laughter.


Running Birthday Card ideas: Quotesgram card

happy running quotes quotesgramSource:

This happy running quotes from quotesgram is another great option to send to your runner friends. It’s unique and awesome card. Check out the website for any other option.


Running Birthday Card ideas: Contemporary shoes

items similar to running shoes contemporary greeting cardSource:

This contemporary shoes as a greeting card is a good choice. You can give it to your friends who are a runner for ages. You can check out for more on Etsy.

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Running Birthday Card ideas: winner running card

birthday card anthony collurafici on dribbbleSource:

This birthday card from Anthony Collurafici on dribbble is another option that you can choose for your competitive runner friends. It’s a great one. Check on the website for further option.


Running Birthday Card ideas: Sunset Runner

silhouette runner with a sunset birthday card zazzleSource:

This silhouette runner with a sunset background is suitable for your female runner friend’s birthday card. You can check on zazzle for other recommendations.


Running Birthday Card ideas: Pink Flower greeting card

i love running i love it not greeting card runnersSource:

This I love running I love it greeting card is suitable for your female runner friends. Pink, blue and flower are always make a perfect combination for one cute card.


Running birthday card ideas: Decoupage jogging humor

jogging humour 8x8 decoupage mini kit cup67442768Source:

This decoupage jogging humour is a great one for your cute and funny female runner friend. It suits their personality.


Wish that you have already make up your mind which card that you want to send from these running birthday card ideas. Best of luck for you!

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