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Best 30 Birthday Card Ideas For Him Ideas & Tips

Birthday card ideas for him is important to think. When celebrating birthdays, usually someone will expect words from the people closest to them, especially their loved ones, because that day is a special moment.

You give birthday greetings when your sweetheart is celebrating his birthday. This greeting is an expression of your love and care for him.


What can I write in a love card to my boyfriend?

You can give birthday greeting words through messages on social media, or of course say them directly to your boyfriend.

1. “Because you are very special, I hope this special day in your life can be filled with special things too. Happy birthday, my dear!”

2. “Thank you for all the beautiful moments that you have brought into my life. Happy birthday! I wish you always the best”.

3. “Many things have changed during this year, but you are still the great person I have known. Happy birthday dear”.

4. “Happy birthday beloved my heart. I always love you.”

5. “Happy birthday Love of my life, you will always be in my heart, no matter how strong the storm will hit our relationship.”

6. “You bring light and color into my dark life. Happy birthday, my love!”

7. “May God always bestow His love in your heart. Happy birthday, my dear”.

How to make handmade cards for boyfriend step by step?

Greeting card with an abstract theme
To make a greeting card with abstract nuances, you can prepare several materials such as the following:

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– Thick paper
– Paper dye, brush, water
– Bubble patterned plastic
– Ballpoint
– Card stamp

Here’s how to make a greeting card with an abstract motif:
– Prepare the dye that has been mixed with water.
– Paint with a brush according to the pattern you want.
– Take a plastic bubble pattern and pour paper dye on the plastic.
– Press by hand on the cover of the greeting card.
– Finally, you prepare a stamp and writing to embellish your greeting card.

What materials are used to make greeting cards?

The following is material from the greeting card

1. Art Carton

Art carton is a type of paper that has a smooth surface, this art carton is an economical choice but has a thick material

2. Fancy Constellation Snow

This material has a unique texture with fine lines and looks very luxurious. Fancy material actually comes in a lot of variations and this snow material is basically white.

3. Fancy Via Felt

This premium paper is characterized by a thick and embossed texture. So it looks more luxurious.Deskripsikan (boleh gunakan fitur list, number list, dot list, quote, bold, italic, dsb)

What is a unique way to wish happy birthday?

Even though it is simple, the card with the unique and creative birthday wishes will be very memorable for the birthday person. This card to keep as the sweetest memory.

Here are some unique and creative birthday messages that you can write on your card:

a) Happy birthday! Today is the most beautiful day for you. I want you to know, our relationship is my everything. And I will always be there for you no matter what. Love you!

b) Life is adventure and joy. I hope you can grow up and wiser along the way of your life! Happy birthday, Love!

c) Age is just a number, so do what you think is right and follow your heart. May you grow up, smart and healthy always! Happy birthday dear.

Kungfu hamster birthday card ideas for him on etsy

kung fu birthday card card for boy card for boyfriend etsySource:

Etsy has many kinds of birthday card design. One of them is this Kungfu hamster birthday card design. The design is cute. You can choose this design for your children


Printable and custom birthday card ideas for him design

dear dilf birthday card dad or father boyfriend orSource:

This printable and custom birthday card ideas for him design will make you easier. You just customize it and  print it well.


Happy birthday card ideas for him

funny birthday card boyfriend happy rockcandiedesignsSource:

The picture of beer pitcher with candle will make birthday card ideas for him become unique and cool. Your close friend will like it.


You have me birthday card design with envelope

boyfriend birthday birthday card funny boyfriend cardSource:

You have me birthday card design with envelope will be good choice for your close friend. There is also great greeting on it.


Glittery greetings birthday card ideas for him

handmade birthday card personalized any age andor nameSource:

This glittery birthday card ideas for him is luxurious. This design is available on etsy. You can also customize it.


It’s your birthday card design for lovely birthday

rude scratch off birthday card boyfriend birthday card etsySource:

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This birthday card ideas for him design is lovely and cute. The birthday card also simple and unique. Just get this design on etsy.


Pretty birthday card design for your friend

funny flattering birthday card choose an age for himSource:

This birthday card ideas for him design is meaningful. The design looks pretty. You can give it to your close friend.


Dad, I love you birthday card design

items similar to happy birthday card for dad father funnySource:

This unique idea of birthday greetings card will make your dad happy. The design is simple but stunning.


Happy birthday card design for your husband

instant download funny birthday card boyfriend husbandSource:

This birthday card design has elegant color and shape. You can also customize your design. This birthday card completed with envelope.


Happy birthday card design for your simple friend

boyfriend birthday anniversary card card for him beardSource:

Maybe you have simple friends. Sometimes they no need great birthday card. But birthday card ideas for him is meaningful for other people. This birthday card design will make your friend happy.


Unique design for birthday party souvenir

35th birthday gift ideas for him birthday gift for menSource:

If you’re looking for birthday souvenirs, this unique design of birthday souvenirs will be great choice for you.


Funny birthday greetings card design for your dad

funny birthday card for dad father happy fathers day hamburgerSource:

This funny birthday card ideas for him as birthday greetings card design has meaningful greeting. This design is suitable for your dad.


Simple happy birthday card design for simple people

birthday card simple birthday card happy birthday cardSource:

If you want to hold a birthday party with a closed concept, this birthday card design invitation is perfect. The design, which tends to be less crowded, is suitable for private events.


Birthday card design for golden age celebration

birthday card for boyfriend birthday card for girlfriendSource:

This type of birthday invitations are suitable for adult birthday celebrations. Especially for those who have reached the golden age. Choosing a color that is not too flashy, it will look more simple and elegant.


Cheerful birthday card design for grandfather

handmade grandpa birthday card dapper birthday card for etsySource:

the color combination used looks cheerful. You can also make a concept according to the design of the birthday invitation. Don’t forget to invite a few guests if you want your birthday to be more warm and intimate.


Key birthday card design for your boyfriend

valentines card handmade love card boyfriend girlfriend etsySource:

This key-illustrated birthday card is very beautiful for your boyfriend’s birthday celebration. This design looks romantic and is perfect for your boyfriend.


Birthday card with guitar design for your loved ones

guitar birthday cardSource:

This birthday card with guitar images look great. This birthday card give a luxurious and quality impression. This birthday card is suitable for birthday gift of relatives or loved ones.


Motorbike birthday card design for adventurous guy

birthday handmade card dirt bike motercycle boy teen sonSource:

This tril motorbike theme birthday card is very characteristic. This birthday card is perfect for any guy who likes adventure or challenges.


Happy birthday card design for your best friend

funny birthday card adult birthday card boyfriend birthdaySource:

This birthday card, although weird but looks simple. The asshole remarks on this birthday card is probably affectionate calls for your loved ones.


Birthday card design with meaningful greeting

funny love card for girlfriend romantic birthday cardSource:

For those of you who are looking for a simple and attractive birthday card design, this design is perfect. You only need to choose a meaningful sentence and use one type of font and one type of color. Like the example above, it is very attractive to the recipient.

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Simple but attractive birthday design for your friend

items similar to funny valentine card cute valentine cardSource:

Always elegance in simple design. Choose a beautiful card for a special friend who is celebrating a birthday. A design with this theme will be the most beautiful memory in your friend’s life.



Trendy birthday card ideas for him design

funny brother birthday card humorous friend thank you cardSource:

The letter design trend is going to be strong. Create a card using a sentiment that is personalized for the recipient in this cute style. How trendy!


Great birthday greeting card design for your best friend

funny birthday card boyfriend birthday funny cardSource:

A beautiful birthday card with a meaningful greeting printed on this card looks lovely and feminine. If you are looking for a beautiful printable that you can download on etsy. This card will be the perfect choice for you.


Fart man birthday card design for your friend

boyfriend birthday card boyfriend gift fart card naughtySource:

This fart man themed birthday card is interesting to give to friends who like the fart man character. Simple but fun.


Simple anniversary card design for couple

funny anniversary card happy anniversary anniversary cardSource:

Anniversary is a special moment that is always awaited by every married couple. Many of them often celebrate with a small party that is very romantic. This anniversary card is suitable for those who are celebrating their anniversary.


Cheerful birthday card design for your boyfriend

boyfriend birthday card birthday greetings boyfriend cardsSource:

This birthday card ideas for him design gives the impression that the birthday person will live a bright life in the future. Give the impression of cheerfulness on his birthday.


Awesome birthday card design for people you love

romantic gift for him husband gift birthday gift forSource:

This awesome birthday card ideas for him has lovely color. This birthday card design is perfect for people that you love. You can get this design on etsy.


Simple and meaningful birthday card design for your friend

boyfriend birthday card girlfriend birthday card husbandSource:

This birthday card is very interesting and meaningful. The design is simple and is perfect for your friends. There is also completed with envelope.


Happy grrrthday birthday card design for your friend

funny birthday card for friend him her dragon pun happySource:

This birthday card is suitable for your friend who likes animals. The bright colors go well with birthdays as a symbol of cheerfulness.


Great birthday design for your best friend

mens 65th birthday gifts 65th birthday shirt dad gift forSource:

This great birthday card ideas for him design is perfect choice for your friend. The number of age idea become unique design. You can choose this design on etsy.


After reading some of the birthday card ideas for him design ideas above, hopefully it can give you inspiration. Don’t forget to think of meaningful birthday greeting words so that the birthday card will be more beautiful.

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