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[Best 30 Design Ideas] Birthday Card For Baby Girl

Today topic is about birthday card for baby girl. While we hear baby girl, usually our mind will go wonder about how cute they are. By having that thoughts, we can assume that a birthday card for baby girl needs to have a high cuteness level and also it must have pink on it. Pink is always related with birthday card for baby girl.


What do you write in a birthday card for a girl?

Words that we write on this card, to some extent, needs to consist of sweetness. Here is some ideas of what you can write in a birthday card for a girl:

  • Sending you smiles for every moment on your special day. Have a wonderful time and a very happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to one of the kindest person in my life. Wish you tons of happiness and joyous moments ahead.
  • Happy birthday! May happiness always be by your side and bring the best smile on your face.
  • Happy birthday. Wish you bunch of happiness and sparkles of joy ahead.

How do you celebrate a baby girl’s first birthday at home?

You have a one year old daughter and want to celebrate her birthday? What kind of cake that you need to order? how will the party be like?

Here are some tips and idea for celebrating your daughter’s first birthday party at home:

  • Prepare yourself to have a messy party.
  • Don’t forget to have extra balloons.
  • Make a fun game like smashing cake or dance with balloons.
  • Or, you can make a swimming party.
  • Large space is an ideal place. So children can play around.
  • Painted fingerprint game is also a great idea.
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What is a good gift for a 1 year old?

Now, let’s talk about the gift that you can give for one year old baby girl.

  • A pink dress.
  • A cute jumper.
  • Girly shocks and hair accessories.
  • A cute doll.
  • Fine motor skill toys

What do 1 year olds play with?

You can give a 1 year old baby these kind of toys to play with:

  • Musical toys.
  • Walking tools toys.
  • Bath toys
  • Baby doll toys
  • Hard cover books.

Sweet natural pink invitation birthday card for baby girl party

printable 1st birthday invitations ba girl invitation bohoSource:

This sweet pink natural invitation birthday card is a great option for your baby girl birthday party. The shabby chic letters gives a higher lever of cuteness. This is an excellent choice if you really want to have a sweet girly birthday party.


Cute pink footprint birthday card for baby girl

new ba girl pink blank greeting card theresSource:

This new pink footprint card is unique way to celebrate your friend’s new born or their first year old baby girl birthday. You can also add a cute tie. It’s cute and sweet and it’s pink.

Cute card for your friends’ newborn baby

1950 vintage welcome new ba congratulations greeting card


This cute vintage card for your friends’ newborn is a great choice if your friend is a shabby chic and vintage lover. The vintage baby box will bring a smile to their faces.

Sweet cupcake on cute pink invitation birthday card

sweet wishes girls first bird on a cupcake birthday partySource:

This cute pink with sweet cupcake on the front page, is a great option for your daughter birthday invitation card. Pink, cupcakes, candle, who can resist this sweet invitation?

Sweet flowery one year old birthday invitation card

floral 1st birthday invitation girl first birthdaySource:

Floral invitation card for you daughter birthday party is also a good choice to make. This very girly card will get along well with your floral theme birthday party.

Vintage baby greeting card for new mom and dad

375 vintage new ba greeting card images vol 1 on cd greatSource:

This pink and blue vintage baby  card is a good option for sending to your friend who become a mother and father for the first time. This is a really great idea for greeting card.


Little pearl bracelet for a special little girl

ba girl 1st birthday gift pearl bracelet with birthday cardSource:

This pearl bracelet is a great gift for your daughters friend. Just remember for not giving this as a gift for those under 5 years old.


Baby shark on birthday invitation card

ba shark invitation girl ba shark birthday invitationSource:

Baby shark and birthday party. Baby shark is still a great option for birthday party. There are lots of babies who loves the song so much. So it’s indeed a great choice to make this as theme party.


New baby greeting card for new parents

new ba sprocket greeting card birthday flowers ba girlSource:

Another option for a greeting card that you can send to your friends who just become new parents. You can add a personal message in there to make it more special.


Welcoming baby card for baby girl

welcome new ba girl polka dots handmade greeting cardSource:

This pink polka card with white dots is a cute and a great option for greeting card. You can send this to your friend who just give birth to their daughters.


First celebration baby jumper as a gift

ba girl first birthday onesie cake smash photo prop etsySource:

This white cute jumper is a perfect gift when your friends daughter is celebrating their first birthday. White is a neutral color so this also great for baby boy.

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Keepsake pink birthday card for baby girl

items similar to ba keepsake first birthday card forSource:

Another option of great card that can be send to your friends’ daughter birthday along side with the gift that you have bought for them. It’s cute. Pink and white are always a good combination.


Another pink and white birthday card for baby girl

ba girl quilling greeting card handmade greeting card etsySource:

Just like others, this one is also a great option for a greeting card to new parents.

welcoming baby greeting card for baby girl

newborn ba girl card congratulations ba card baSource:

This cute little pink card is a great option for greeting and welcoming a newborn card. You can send this alongside with your gift.


Time capsule birthday wishes for a baby girl

time capsule sign and wishes card first birthday baSource:

This is another idea to celebrating a birthday. Send a time capsule wishes card. It will brighten the birthday celebration by giving a long-term wishes.

Hello baby girl greeting card for the cute one

ba girl lego greeting cardSource:

This cute greeting card is a great option for baby girl. It’s pink, cute, and awesome card. A perfect card for your female friend who becoming a mother and welcoming their daughter.


It’s a girl simple and plain birthday card for baby girl

new ba girl printable card its a girl calligraphySource:

Looking for a simple and minimalist birthday card for a baby girl? This is your answer. A perfect choice for birthday card. You can send this to your friends who love minimalism lifestyle.


A birthday card for two years old girl

little girl birthday card toddler girl birthday 2ndSource:

When your niece or your friends daughter is about to celebrating their second birthday, this is a great optin for birthday card.


Butterfly, pearl, and polka birthday card for baby girl

items similar to handmade ba girl card new ba baSource:

This is a great option for a girly birthday card. Butterfly, pink, grey and white. Pearls and polkas, make a perfect birthday card.


Birthday card for a special little girl

personalised girls 1st birthday card teddySource:

Send this card to your niece or friends daughter who celebrate their first birthday. Write down some special wishes to make it more special. This cute yet simple  card is a great choice.


Happy turning 5 birthday card for birthday girl

5th birthday svg clipart ba girl birthday crown birthdaySource:

Gold and pink with white background is a great option for a five years old girl who is celebrating her birthday. Send this card with special gift and wishes. The birthday princess will surely feel excited.


Handmade paper quilting birthday card for baby girl

handmade pink paper quilling ba girl card withSource:

This card is another form of creativity. Send them to your creative friend who happens to welcoming her newborn baby girl. Pink and flower paper quilt are very great combination.

Wishes for baby card for baby girl

wishes for ba card girl ba shower wishes for ba girlSource:

Write down your wishes for a cute little newborn baby girl and send it to her parents. They’ll going to like it. This is an extraordinary idea for baby greeting card.


Princess birthday invitation card with pink crown

princess birthday invitation card butterfly custom girl 1stSource:

This pink crown birthday invitation card is a perfect choice for the little princess birthday. You can also pick the same theme card for the gift card and make this pink crown as her birthday theme.


Cute little shoes greeting card for a newborn baby girl

items similar to welcome new ba girl ba daughterSource:

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This vintage with little shoes and pink color card is a perfect idea to send for your friends who just give birth to their daughters.

Baby first birthday greeting card for baby girl

vintage 1950s on bas 1st birthday greetings card b29Source:

Cute little girl and  a teddy bear, what a cute card and a perfect card to send for celebrating their first birthday. Send some wishes that you write on it. It’s perfect!


Sweet girly greeting card for a newborn baby girl

vintage ba girl congratulations greeting card unused 1970sSource:

This baby girl needs to be celebrated. So send her this sweet vintage greeting card and write down some wishes for her.

Chalkboard birthday invitation for little princess.

chalkboard second birthday invitation second birthdaySource:

This chalkboard invitation card is another way to invite her little friend to celebrate her birthday. Enjoying cakes, ice cream and play some little fun are very great idea of having 2 years old baby girl birthday party.

Baby girl and baby boy greeting card for twins baby

african american ba new ba card congratulations baSource:

Your friend is having twins? This card will be a perfect and right card for them. It’s cute and similar. A perfect card for those who having a twin baby girl and boy.


Pink Bow birthday card for baby girl

birthday girl svg birthday svg ba girl svg cut table etsySource:

Actually, this card is for any ages birthday girl, whether is their 8 birthday or 4 birthday, this card is still the right choice to send them. Just don’t forget to write down your wishes.


These whole idea of having and making a birthday party or celebrating a little girl birthday is for giving you lots of option so that you can choose one of the most suitable choice for those birthday girl. Good luck!

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